LAHORE – A man driving a luxury vehicle was filmed dragging a motorcyclist some distance after knocking him down on Canal Road in Lahore. Watch Lahore Cana Road Accident Range Rover Video.

A disturbing video of the incident spinning around on social media shows a Range Rover driver committing the rash act in broad daylight in the Punjab capital.

At the beginning of the video, the driver can be seen next to his vehicle after running over a motorcyclist. He then rams his vehicle into the security wall along Canal Road to escape while the motorcyclist is still on his wheels.

At this point, passers-by can be seen rushing to the vehicle to rescue the victim. After people have managed to save the motorcyclist, the driver, wearing a yellow T-shirt, makes a second attempt to escape.

The video shows the driver dragging the motorcycle with its wheels across the road. When he got near Barkat Market, his vehicle caught fire due to friction and sparks generated by the motorcycle dragging on the road.

Garden Town police reportedly arrested the man who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The victim was hospitalized with broken legs.

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