The gasoline price in Pakistan will remain unchanged for May, the Treasury Department announced on Friday.

As a result, gasoline will continue to cost Rs 108.56 per liter, unchanged from the price reported on April 16.

According to the announcement, the price of diesel will also remain the same at 110.76 rupees per liter.

Kerosene oil will continue to be priced at 80 rupees, while light diesel oil will also have the same price at 77.65 rupees per liter.

After the Oil and Regulator sent a summary to the Petroleum Division, speculation was that prices for petroleum products will rise in May.

The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Political Communications Shahbaz Gill said the prime minister had decided not to raise prices earlier this month to ease the burden on citizens.

Gill said OGRA’s summary suggested an increase of 5 to 10 rupees.

“The Prime Minister refused and decided to keep the rates reported on April 16,” he wrote.

A view of the OGRA proposal shared by Gill is given below.

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