The voting time for the by-election of NA-249 Karachi is ending. The ECP has deployed special staff to strictly implement the coronavirus guidelines as long as the query process continues.

KARACHI: Election time for the hotly contested NA-249 by-elections in the West District of the city ended at 5:00 p.m. Counting is currently taking place in the 276 polling stations in the constituency.

PML-N’s Miftah Ismail leads the race, unofficial results from 32 of 276 polling stations show.

Polling peacefully and low voter turnout

According to Geo News correspondents who reported on the spot, the voting process was largely peaceful, with no unpleasant incident occurring.

Turnout was low despite tight security, possibly due to Ramadan and the scorching heat.

Geo News correspondent Qaseem Saeed said there was a 10% turnout in one area, while Talha Hashmi reported a 10-12% turnout in some polling stations.

However, Kashif Mushtaq reported that it was only 2% for others.

Polling stations where voters are no longer queuing and waiting for their turn to cast their ballots are currently counting.

You can get latest NA 249 Final Result 2021 by election from here.

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