Microsoft has been teasing a “next generation” of Windows for months, but new evidence suggests the company is preparing not just an update of its existing Windows 10 software, but a new, numbered version of the operating system: Windows 11.

The software giant announced a new Windows event for June 24th yesterday and promised to show “what’s next for Windows”. The invitation to the event included an image that looked like a new Windows logo, with light shining through the window in just two vertical bars, creating an outline very similar to the number 11. Microsoft followed suit with an animated version of this image, making it clear that the company was deliberately ignoring the horizontal bars. Microsoft windows 11 Release Date is 24th June 2021.

Microsoft’s Windows event also begins at 11 a.m. ET, not the usual start time for typical Windows and Surface events. After being invited to the event, Microsoft manager Yusuf Mehdi said he was “not so excited about a new version of Windows since Windows 95!” It’s the first time Microsoft specifically mentions that a “new version” of Windows is on the way.

The invitation to the event also comes just a week after Nadella teased an announcement of the “next generation of Windows”. Nadella promised that Microsoft would soon release “one of the most significant updates for Windows of the last decade”. Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay also teased a “next generation” of Windows earlier this year.

If Microsoft is really ready to move beyond Windows 10 and towards Windows 11, we expect major visual changes to reflect that. Microsoft has been working on something codenamed Sun Valley, which the company calls “the all-encompassing visual rejuvenation of Windows.”

Much of these visual changes will come from the work Microsoft completed on Windows 10X, a lightweight version of Windows designed to rival Chrome OS, before it was scrapped. These include a new Start menu, new system icons, File Explorer improvements, and the end of the Windows 95 era icons that take Windows users back in time in dialog boxes. Rounded corners and updates to the built-in Windows apps are also planned.

There are also considerable changes pending for Windows beyond the user interface. Microsoft appears poised to address many ongoing issues, with fixes planned for an issue with rearranging apps across multiple monitors, an upcoming Xbox Auto HDR feature, and improvements to Bluetooth audio support.

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Source: The Verge

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