The President and opposition leader of the PML-N in the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif, was reportedly banned from flying via Qatar from Lahore Airport to the UK on Saturday morning after the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) allegedly put his name on “another list” ” and prevented him from leaving the country.

Early Saturday morning, PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb spoke to the media about two FIA officials present in court when the LHC issued an order allowing Shehbaz to travel abroad. The court order also mentioned the flight number the PML-N president would take to fly to Qatar, Aurangzeb said.

When Shehbaz Sharif got to the airport today, FIA officials stopped him and said he could not travel because there was another list, a “person who is not on the list,” she said, adding that the system according to the FIA, this has not yet been updated after the court order.

Aurangzeb called it “malafide” intent and said the current government’s priorities are “Shehbaz Sharif” and political opponents rather than providing citizens with electricity, water, sugar and wheat.

She alleged that Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Prime Minister Accountability and Home Affairs Advisor Shahzad Akbar made statements that they “did not take” the order and would “make every effort to stop Shehbaz”.

“The proforma given [after Shehbaz was not allowed to fly] states that ‘Immigration has not updated the PNIL notepad of the IBMS system’. The two FIA officials present for the court order have not updated the system. [Prime Minister Imran Khan’s instructions came and Akbar carried them out, “claimed Aurangzeb.

Shehbaz had reached out to the LHC on Thursday to question the inclusion of his name on a travel blacklist / no-fly list and to seek one-time permission to go abroad for medical treatment.

The Supreme Court issued the order on Friday, saying, “The dispensation requested is permissible subject to all just and legal exceptions.

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