Today Gold Price in Pakistan Today April 12. The price is Rs 85500 per 10 grams and Rs 99,700 per tola. Similarly these prices are for 24K gold. In Pakistan, 22 karat and 24 karat gold are preferred. Therefore, they are calculated according to 10g and according to the tola weight. Gold is consider as best among the rest investment in Pakistan. Gold Rate in Pakistan is changed daily. Its very Important for many peoples to know about daily gold rates. So here on this website you can get daily updates of Gold Rate in Pakistan.

Gold prices are usually the same across the country. However, each city’s Sarafa market decides the current gold price. Gold prices in all major cities in Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi , Peshawar, Islamabad and Quetta are listed below:

Location24k 10g24k per Tola22k 10g
PakistanRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
KarachiRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
LahoreRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
IslamabadRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
RawalpindiRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
PeshawarRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374
QuettaRs. 85,500Rs. 99,700Rs. 78,374

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