President Arif Alvi has approved the Higher Education Commission’s Amendment Ordinance 2021, which officially ends the Commission’s autonomy.

Following the details, all decisions by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) must now be approved by the Ministry of Education. In the meantime, the HEC chairman is appointed for two years and the members of HEC are appointed for four years.

On March 27, the government appointed Chairman HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri dismissed before the end of his term in office.

A formal notice to this effect states: “With regard to subsection (5), read with subsection (5A), of section 6 of the Higher Education Commission Ordinance of 2002, as amended in the Higher Education Commission Ordinance (amendment), 2021, Dr. Tariq Danuri immediately ceased to serve as Chairman of the University Commission and will accordingly be removed from that post with immediate effect. “

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