The Geo / Jang group issued a statement following protests from journalists. A day earlier, Mir told BBC Urdu that he had been informed by Geo News management that he would “not go on the air on Monday” to host his five days a week show “Capital Talk”. In a statement by the Geo / Jang Group, the veteran journalist gave a speech “that has sparked backlash from various sectors of society.” “The editorial committee and attorneys will check for any violations of guidelines and laws. In the meantime,” Capital Talk “will be moderated by a temporary host,” it said. “We would like to remind our viewers and readers that the Geo and Jang Group were shut down and our journalists beaten up when they faced hundreds of false accusations of corruption, blasphemy and treason, shot at by more than any other media organization in the US the country was financially strangled.

The organization lost more than 10 billion rupees to keep viewers and readers informed. “However, it becomes difficult for the group and its editors to take responsibility for the content that is provided outside the purview, input and guidance of its editors that is, it added that the disappointment and frustration that brought Me and other journalists felt it was a “common and serious concern,” but there are better ways to channel that energy for productive gains for the safety of journalism and journalists. “Too many journalists lose their lives and freedom while in Pakistan their fight for the public’s right to know continues, “the statement read, adding that many human rights and media rights organizations have advocated that the government must protect journalists. “So far, no deadline has been given.”

I had given a fiery speech in Islamabad just days earlier in which she was held accountable for repeated attacks on journalists in the country. Speaking at a protest against the recent attack on journalist and YouTuber Asad Ali Toor, “Management asked me to either explain or refute the speech outside of the [National] press club,” Mir told BBC Urdu, adding, that he asked in return: “Who will ask you about it?” “I told them that if they arrested the people who attacked Asad Toor, I would be ready to apologize, let alone make a statement,” said the journalist. Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry, In the meantime, without addressing Mir or Geo, it was tweeted in the evening that the government had nothing to do with the internal decisions of the broadcasters.

“Broadcasters themselves decide which programme they have to broadcast and what its team will be,” said Chaudhry, adding that all media institutions were responsible for devising their policies under Article 19 of the Constitution.

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